Critical Data Assessment

As firms move to the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) proliferates, the vulnerabilities are increasing while the threats are becoming more persistent. At SGA, we help you identify and protect yourcritical datausing best practices and the latest technological breakthroughs (machine learning, software defined perimeter).

Our goal is to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your critical data.

data What data is critical?

data Why is it critical?

data Who is responsible?

data Where is it stored?

data When should it be deleted

Private Cloud Hosting Services on Tier 1 Internet Backbone

Know where your data resides. Combined with our cybersecurity solutions we protect your critical data.

Cybersecurity Services

SGA is an authorized partner for Cylance's cybersecurity professional services. They combine expert knowledge with their proprietary math and machine learning based decision engine to deliver best-in-class cyber security services 24/7/365.

  • Incidence Response - Stopping active attacks is priority number one for modern incident response. Every second the attackers have is one second too many.
  • Compromise Assessments - A comprehensive assessment to determine if a previously unidentified breach has occurred.
  • Forensic Investigations - In a post-incident scenario, you need a trusted partner to investigate and acquire forensic data while adhering to a strict chain-of-custody procedure.
  • ICS & CIKR - Cylance employs the leading authorities on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Critical Infrastructure and Key Resource (CIKR) security.
  • Penetration Testing - Our experts test internal and external systems without impacting the core business operations to identify any weakness in the security posture.
  • Custom Services - From training and staff augmentation, to deep malware analysis and reverse engineering, Cylance custom services are tailored to your needs.